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Home Buying: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Determine Your Price Range 

Meet with a lender and provide your income, debt, and assets.  They will explain the different loan options available to you, how much of a loan you are qualified for, and the corresponding payments based on current rates.  Don't have a lender in mind?  No problem, I can refer you to a trustworthy lender.

This will give you a realistic idea of how much money you will need for a down payment and what your monthly mortgage will be at different loan amounts.  Do not feel like just because you are approved for a certain amount that you have to spend that much on a home.  It is important to be comfortable with the monthly cost of your new home.


Step 2: What's Important to You in a Home?

Once you've met with a lender to determine your budget, you get to answer all the fun questions!  It's time to identify what you're hoping for in a home.  How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Location? Fireplace? Single Story? Consider what is most important to you. An updated kitchen or a big yard? Close to work or more square footage? Don't worry if you don't have this all figured out yet.  As you start to view potential houses you'll quickly learn what you value most for your new home.


Step 3: You Receive Daily Updates

I'll set you up with a daily email alert showing you newly available homes within your criteria.


Step 4: I Show You Houses

Review the daily updates and let me know which homes you are interested in.  I'll setup the showings and accompany you as you view available homes.  You may find your ideal home the first time we go out or it may take several weeks to find just what you are looking for.


Step 5: Submit an Offer 

Once you find one you like, I'll help you determine the value of the home and a good offer to make.  This is where it's very valuable to have a local expert like me representing you.  I'll advise you on negotiation strategy and I'll do the heavy lifting to get you a great deal.


Step 6: Accepted Offer - Open Escrow

One you have an accepted offer, then we open escrow. This is a long process that I will be happy to share more about in person. Once again, this is where it is crucial to have an experienced real estate agent (like myself) to help you understand the  process and advocate for you along the way.

Step 7: Closing

Congratulations!  Once escrow closes, you're a new homeowner!  You get to move in and make it your own.  Know that even after closing, you can continue to contact me if you have any questions about home ownership.



I will be here to help you throughout the process.  It's my goal to answer any questions you have so that you can be comfortable and confident in your home purchase.

Call, Text, or E-mail me today to get started.

James Tebelman


James Tebelman Realtor
James Tebelman
Realtor® CaDRE#02103210
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